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Maka picked up a delicate looking glass ornament. It was a perfect sphere; on the top was a red piece of thread tied to a golden hoop.

She touched the cold glass with her finger tips, remembering the day she got it. Her Papa had come home from a mission with her Mom. Every time they went on a mission, they always brought something for Maka back with them. That time, they brought her an ornament from the desert with the great Pyramid of Anubis painted perfectly on the front of it.

"Maka are you going to stare at it, or hang it up?"

Maka turned around, instantly greeted by ruby red eyes and a devilish smirk. Soul Eater Evans, her longtime boyfriend of 4 years, stood beside her. A tray with 2 Santa mugs filled with steaming hot cocoa and marshmallows were in his hands.

She smiled, "Shut up Soul, I was going to hang it up."

She chose the perfect branch and slid the red string onto it, marveling as it spun in front of her. Once the ornament stilled, she turned back to Soul and took a mug of hot chocolate. Lifting the sweet liquid to her face, inhaling the delicious scent, and felt her lips touch the warm liquid.

Soul sat down on the couch with his mug and looked at the fire. He'd been in deep thought for a few weeks now. Christmas was coming up fast, and he still didn't know what to get Maka. Before they were dating, he got her dumb presents like those stupid books she loved so much. But now that they were dating, he had to choose his presents carefully. If he just got her a lousy book, she might doubt her worth to him.

Maka snuggled next to Soul, laying her head on his shoulder. She already had his present picked out. A brand new jazz CD. He needed some new music to listen too. He'd been listening to the same songs over and over again, and it was starting to drive Maka crazy.

When they finished the cocoa, they decided it was time for bed. Maka snuggled close to Soul yet again, laying her head on his chest, falling asleep to the rhythmic sound of his heartbeat. But Soul was restless. He had no idea what to get her for Christmas.

He decided that tomorrow he was going to ask around. Maybe Tsubaki knew what Maka would like. He definitely wasn't going to ask Spirit. Soul recalled one of Maka's past birthdays, when Spirit got her some sexy lingerie and claimed it was an accident. Soul fell asleep after that, comfortable with having a plan of action.

"C'mon Soul! Tell me what it is!!!" Blackstar shouted into Soul's ear, while yanking on his jacket like a child.

Soul had his hands on Blackstar's face, trying to push him away. Soul now knew what to get Maka, and he couldn't risk anyone else knowing about it. And by that, it meant that he couldn't risk Blackstar knowing about it.

"Get off me, Blackstar! Yanking on my jacket isn't cool!" Soul shouted back at Blackstar.

Tsubaki and Liz were giggling and cheering, talking about how adorable Maka's present was going to be. Patty, not really caring about the situation but still liked celebrating, was jumping around throwing her fists in the air.

"It's soooo sweet!" Liz gushed as hugged Patty and Tsubaki.

"She's going to love it Soul!" Tsubaki said enthusiastically, a small smile on her face.

Blackstar groaned, shaking Soul's entire body with frustration, steam blowing out of his nostrils and his face going completely red. Soul was helpless against Blackstar's strength.

"DAMN IT SOUL! WHAT ARE YOU GETTING HER?!" Blackstar roared as he swung Soul around with one arm.

Through all the commotion, no one noticed as Maka and Kid came in through the front door, with Spirit Albarn behind them. Blackstar was still swinging Soul around, and Soul's feet hit one of the statues in Kid's foyer, making the entire room unsymmetrical.
Kid gasped, his eyes swimming with emotion, and ran over to the statue. He picked up a broken piece, cradling it into his chest.

"Such beauty… Destroyed by that idiot…" Kid cried softly, rocking back and forth with the piece of marble in his arms.

Spirit stepped in front of Maka, a hand on her shoulder forcing her to stay where she was, "Don't worry Maka, Papa will protect you from these hooligans."

Through the spinning, Soul saw Maka. He tried hitting Blackstar, to make him stop and see Maka standing there so he didn't say anything about the present.

"Um, Blackstar… Maybe you should stop. I don't think Kid would like it if you ruined more of his heirlooms…" Tsubaki said quietly at Blackstar's side, gently placing a hand on his shoulder.

Kid looked up at Tsubaki, tears streaked his face and his lips wobbled, "Go ahead and destroy it all! My house is just like me! Dirty. Gross. Unsymmetrical TRASH. "

Blackstar let go of Soul, sending him flying across the room and crashing into the wall, which caused a painting of Kid's to fall to the ground and break.

Kid let out a cry of despair, crumpling to the ground in an awkward fetal position. Maka ran over to Soul, helping him up.

"Soul, what's going on?" Maka asked as Soul lazily draped an arm around her shoulders.

"Nothing, it's just Blackstar." Soul assured her.

Blackstar slapped a hand on Kid's back, laughing like an idiot, and knocked Kid over with his powerful friendly gesture.

"Sorry Kid, but I can't contain how awesome I am! I just gotta let it out, ya know?" Blackstar said with another blow to Kid's back and a crazy laugh.

Kid nodded slowly, still cradling his broken statue and now mourning over his painting.
Liz sighed and wrapped an arm around Kid's waist, helping him to his feet so that she could walk him to his bedroom. Seeing something symmetrical was the only thing that would cheer him up. Patty was giggling as she followed Liz down to Kid's room.

Spirit stepped forward and spoke directly to Soul, "Well Soul if we're going to get Maka's Christmas present in order then we should get going."

Maka looked at Soul, a small smile on her face, "You're getting me a Christmas present, Soul?"

Instead of answering, Soul swung his foot up in the air and kicked Spirit in the face. Spirit flew back and landed in the wall, knocked yet another picture of Kid's down.

"Damn it old man! You weren't supposed to say anything!" Soul shouted

Papa really screwed this one up! Spirit thought to himself as he rose to his feet, putting a dumb smile on his face to try and fool Maka.
Soul sighed, seeing as it couldn't be helped. He turned back to Maka, about to give her a kiss goodbye, but she had heard what Spirit said. Now, she wanted details, hints, shapes, sizes, colors; anything that would help her figure out what Soul was going to get her.

"Can I have a hint?" she asked sweetly, putting on her most innocent face and batting her eye lashes.

Soul laughed and placed a hand on her waist, pulling her close and planting a light kiss on her cheek. Then he said, "Not a chance. This one is a huge surprise."

Maka frowned and crossed her arms, "Fine. We're having spaghetti for dinner tonight, so don't be late."

"I wouldn't miss your cooking for anything." he responded, almost sarcastically.

Maka narrowed her eyes, but she couldn't stay mad at him forever. She kissed his cheek before he left with Spirit to go to the DWMA and talk to Lord Death.

When they reached the Death Room, Lord Death was standing in the middle of his platform as if he was expecting Soul and Spirit.

"Wazzz up, wazzzz up, wazzzzzz uuuuup?!" Lord Death called in his childish voice, raising his huge white hands in the air. Successfully making Spirit flinch while he remembered all of the times he'd been hit in the head with those huge hands.

"Lord Death," Soul nodded respectfully.

"Spirit, Soul! You are both more than welcome to use every computer in Death City to your advantage. Any books, records or files are yours! Call me if you have any questions!" Lord Death said in his never wavering cheery tone.

With that, Lord Death went to a teachers meeting in another part of the school. Now it was time for Spirit and Soul, two very unlikely partners, to get cracking on their books, websites and files in order to find Maka's perfect Christmas present.

"Are you an idiot? You're going to break the computer, old man!" Soul shouted as he pushed Spirit away from the computer, in hopes of 'saving' it from Spirit.

Spirit shoved back, "It's not going to break! And stop calling me old man; I'm not even that old!"

Eventually, the two got into their 8th fight of the day. Soul should have known that they weren't compatible together and he was starting to question why he even chose Spirit to work with. Then he remembered that Spirit was the only one that could help him with Maka's present.

When Soul finally pushed Spirit away, sending him flying off of the platform and landing on his face. Soul raised his fist and hit the desk, shouting,


It doesn't matter how bad this old man gets on my nerves. I have to do this for Maka.

Soul flew through files, papers, notebooks and computer files like mad.  Spirit got off the floor; his face a little bloody from colliding with the floor, and joined Soul in the search for the present. This present took a lot of research and concentration. Honestly, they didn't even know where the present was and they had to use every asset they had to find it.

Once they were surrounded by papers, books and files. Each of them had about 10 paper cuts and their fingers ached from typing and flipping pages. They decided to call it a night and part ways in front of the school.

When Soul got back to the apartment, he could almost feel the tension when he opened the door and stepped inside.

He turned the corner and found Maka at the table, a plate of spaghetti and garlic bread in front of her, and a plate full of food in Soul's spot.

Maka was dressed in a pale pink dress that flowed around her knees, with a white sweater covering her torso. Her hair curled with pink barrettes holding her bangs back. Of course, she was going to do everything that she could to get answers out of him.

"Hey Maka," Soul said as he hung his coat up and entered the kitchen. Maka smiled and leaned back in her chair, waiting for Soul to sit.

He sat down and immediately started eating; doing everything he could to avoid talking.
She cleared her throat and leaned in close, her arms folded on the table.

"So, what did you do with Papa today?"

Soul shrugged and chewed on his spaghetti, twisting more noodles onto his fork. Maka frowned and grunted, picking up her fork and angrily slopping the noodles around on her plate.

"Did you go to a store?"

Soul smirked and set his fork down, looking at her with his ruby red eyes. Maka looked back at him and smiled, almost expecting him to give her some kind of hint.

"Maka, I'm not giving you any hints."

She groaned and leaned back into her seat, "Come on, Soul! One hint!"

Soul laughed, "Not a chance."

He picked up his plate and washed the dishes for Maka while she took a shower and went to bed early. When Soul went to bed, she looked at him and smiled, and it was started to creep Soul out.

"Maka, I told you, I'm not giving any hints."

She huffed, "Fine." But they both knew that she was just done begging for hints today.

Tomorrow came a whole new round of questions and begging.

"Spirit, it's Christmas Eve ! We still don't have Maka's present!" Soul shouted, pushing himself away from the computer desk and running over to Spirit.

Spirit looked up at Soul slowly, his eyes glittering with some strange excitement. His lips wobbled and formed a squirmy smile, "I found it, Soul! I found it!"

He held the papers up in the air as if they were precious jewels. Soul grabbed them and skimmed through the pages, his eyes brightening and a smile growing on his face.

"Finally! Nice job, old man!" Soul shouted, pulling his cell phone out and dialing a number on the paper.

"I'm not that old…" Spirit sulked.

Soul ignored him as he talked on the phone and flipped through the papers. Everything was now set into motion.

Later that night, Soul was helping Maka prepare dinner for Christmas night. Maka turned her gaze behind her, looking underneath the Christmas tree in their living room. They had presents for their friends, and presents from their friends. She had put Soul's present underneath the tree when he came home, but she didn't see any new presents underneath the tree other than that. She's had a headache ever since last week because he refused to give her any hints. The entire thing was killing her.

On Christmas, everyone was coming over to Maka and Soul's apartment since it was their turn to hold the party and the party started first thing in the morning. As soon as the food was prepared and stored in refrigerator, they went to bed.

"Oh, wow, Soul! These nun chucks will show off just how awesome I am! As if my body didn't show it off already! HA-HA!" Blackstar shouted from the floor of Maka and Soul's living room, already testing out his new nun chucks, while almost hitting Kid in the face.

"Yeah, thank you guys!" Tsubaki smiled as she hugged her new dress that Maka got her.

Liz and Patty were busy playing with the make-up and nail polish that Maka bought them, and Kid was marveling at the beautiful painting that Soul had bought for him. The painting was called Symmetrical World , and the painting gave Kid hope for a better and more symmetrical future.

Maka sat on the couch, smiling at her friends and she watched them open their presents from each other. She got books and clothes from all of her friends, but she had not gotten Soul's present yet. She was starting to doubt that he didn't even get her a present, and was just leading her on this whole time making her think that he did.
Then someone knocked on the front door and everyone froze; everyone except for Maka. So looked around the room ominously and saw that everyone but Blackstar was staring at her.

"Why are we all staring at Maka?! I'm the star!" Blackstar shouted.

Soul pretended to be busy with his new jazz CD, pretending to read all of the song titles on it even though he already read them.

"Hey, Maka, why don't you go answer the door?" he asked her.

Maka frowned, "Alright. But who's here? We didn't invite anyone else."

Maka got off the couch and made her way to the door and noticed that everyone got off the floor and followed her. She turned around and gave them all a weird look, "What's going on?"

"Nothing!" they all answered in unison, but mostly everyone looked nervous. But Soul was the only one with a calm stature. Blackstar was still sitting on the floor with his new nun chucks, and had no idea what was going on.

Maka turned back around and put her hand on the door knob. She looked past the door and felt the soul of the person on the other side of it. It was a familiar, warm and comfortable soul. A soul that she knew, but couldn't quite put her finger on it.

She twisted the knob and pulled the door open, everyone gasping in suspense behind her.
She was almost going to turn back around and ask them what their deal was and why they followed her to answer the door, but she was staring at the person who was standing in front of her.

Maka couldn't speak or move, she could only look. Her heart flew out of her chest and her breath escaped her. All she could think about was how much trouble Soul went through to do this, and how much she loved him for it. She wanted to thank him a million times and hug him as tight as she could until she couldn't feel her arms, but she could do all of that later.

Maka finally found her voice and willed her lips to move, her voice coming out soft and crackly as if she were crying,

This was just a little something that struck me in the beginning of November. It's for my best friend-o :iconcturzc1234: Sorry if it got a little... Sucky... At the end. I was having MAJOR writers block. Hope you enjoy!
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Makas mom whaaa?
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